Work with me –

Daragh Byrne Associate Teaching Professor
School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University. Core faculty for MSCD and PhD CD.
Courtesy appointments in the School of Design and the Human Computer Interaction Institute.
Afflilated facilty with the IDeATe network, Block Center for Technology and Society, and CyLab.
Co-Lead of the TRACES Lab. Co-founder and platform lead for a2ru's Ground Works.
Pronunciation: Dah-rah (silent ‘gh’) · Pronouns: he/him. · Google Scholar · ResearchGate · ORCID 0000-0001-7193-006X.

Work with me

I am looking for talented, interdisciplinary students and researchers to join my current projects at Carnegie Mellon. We will work across disciplines and skillsets to explore emerging technologies, new interactions, and the implications for human experiences. My work is currently focused on the following areas:

  • creative technologies (including tangibles, AR/MR, AI-assistants, etc.) to support physical computing and IoT education
  • material speculation and discusive design approaches to materializing the frictions and effects with everyday intelligences.
  • novel technologies for experience capture and documentation of interdisciplinary creative practice.

If these sound interesting to you, read the below, and reach out by sending an email to daragh AT cmu DOT edu.

Interested in a PhD Position?

If you are interested in a PHD positon with me, take a look at the CMU SoA PhD in Computational Design program page. Check out the admissions information before reaching out. Admissions typically open in October and close in February.

If you plan to apply, reach out and include a copy of your resume, a link to your portfolio (or attach some samples of prior work/publications), and provide a short summary of your research interests and an overview of your past research experience.

Interested in the MSCD program?

The Master of Computational Design is a 2-year research based graduate program in the School of Architecture. The second year of the program involves a closely mentored thesis project and has many opportunities to engage in faculty research throughout the program. Admissions typically open in October and close in February.

If you’re thinking of applying, feel free to reach out. Check out the admissions information before reaching out. Your resume, a link to your portfolio/prior work, and a statement of interest would be helpful.

Interested in independent studies, research assistantships, or thesis advising?

I work with lots of students — graduate and undergraduate — from around CMU’s campus in research experiences and advising. This ranges from independent studies (for credit research experiences), paid positions as a research assistant, summer research projects and internships, to taking part in undergraduate and graduate thesis committees.

If you’re a current or incoming (accepted) and would like to work with me, send me an email with your resume and portfolio.